4. Visit a rain forest – DONE!

I am so excited that I get to do this sooner than later! In Dec. 2010 we head to Costa Rica for 2 weeks. We have rented a gorgeous home in the heart of 60 acres of rain forest. I can’t wait to explore a whole new ecosystem, fly down a zip line, surf, taste new foods and learn about a new culture. If you’ve been there before I’d love to hear what your favourite things were to do and see. Looking forward to sharing our pictures and experiences with you!

Completed – Dec. 31, 2010; Home from Costa Rica! What an amazing part of the world! We saw so much wildlife (many of which kept us up at night with their noises and woke us up too). The white sand beaches, rain forest and of course the food was ALL wonderful. Yes, we did the longest zip-line course – 13 all together. (See the attached video.) Aleia especially enjoyed the monkeys! The roads are not the best and definitely some crazy drivers, but if you can avoid most of the potholes, then you’re OK. We also went in-land to visit the Arenal volcano and jumpforadan water slide rentals, which is still active…but unfortunately we were socked in by the clouds of the nearby Monte Verde rain forest. Having said that however, we were fortunate enough to be upgraded into a suite at a wonderful hotel with many natural hot pools and despite the weather the rolling hills it reminded us of being in Europe. Check out the websites under “links” for both the home we rented and the hotel we stayed at.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    My brother had a great suggestion…he said I should have taken the camera with while on the zip line! I’ll get better at this as I go along….

  2. Rosanna says:

    Hi Carolyn. Wonderful idea! Max and I went to Costa Rica to see the Rain Forest for our honeymoon and you just brought back so many wonderful memories.

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