6. Run a 1/2 marathon – DONE!

I actually once started a running club at a place I worked called the “I Hate Running Club”. The club was intended to take non-runners (such as myself), even haters of running (me again), and teach them (thank you Running Room) to run and maybe even like it.  Well I can’t say I’m a great runner now, nor can I say that I love running, because I still do not, but what I can say is that I haven’t given up on the belief that one day I can and will run, at the very least, a half marathon.  I am in good health and in fairly good shape so there is no reason I cannot do this.  I am also of the belief that if I were to injure myself or for some reason were no longer able to run that I would regret that fact that I did not do it more often…so here it goes.  Anyone want to join me?  I will need LOTS of support and encouragement on this one! Hmm – where should I run it…somewhere warm, but not too hot, NO hills, fun place to celebrate afterwards, close to a nice spa….

Completed – May 26 – 27, 2012; After not enough training, 3 girlfriends (Shannan, Carol and Lana) and I ran the ½ Corked Marathon in Osoyoos, British Columbia. The race sold out in 3 minutes! We were lucky to get in! This 1/2 marathon led us on a route from winery to winery where we sampled both food and wine (but mostly wine) along our run. We ran (yes ran, not walked) the entire race in warm sunny weather, we needed  hughes air co and had a fabulous time! The weekend was filled both laughter and tears – starting with Lana and I getting lost from Kelowna to Ossoyoos, pool time with cocktails, a wonderful dinner where Tom (Carol’s husband) also joined us (he and the kids were also our cheering squad along our route) and the passing of their dog Hogan during our run – very sad.
Thank you to my friends for your support for allowing me to check off one more item from my 50 list!

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3 Responses to 6. Run a 1/2 marathon – DONE!

  1. lmcfadden says:

    I’m in for this one Carolyn!! My treadmill will arrive in the next couple of weeks and I’ll begin training. Let’s pick a nice, hot, flat place to run our race… hmmm… vegas???

  2. Carolyn says:

    Got the new treadmill – just started to run again….I am now officially in training!
    As many of you know I do not watch much TV at all, BUT with running on a treadmill I will need inspirational movies. Any ideas???

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