14. Read the Bible – ongoing – UPDATED

Many of you might be surprised to see this on the list having grown up in a God fearing home and having attended bible school, but the truth is I don’ think I’ve ever read the entire bible through from beginning to end. I’ve certainly read and studied many books and chapters, including the entire old testament, in the bible and memorized my fair share of verses (don’t make me recall them all please!), but either way, I look forward to doing it at least once and maybe even twice over the next five years!
Reading away…

January 2015 – The idea of reading the bible at least a few times is not an option now. Like studying, I am now cramming to ensure I get this done. As of today I’ve read all of Genesis, Ruth, Joshua and half of Exodus…not far at all.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Should I start in Genesis (at the beginning) – any suggestions? Also, I pulled off the web a schedule for reading the bible in year…not sure if I want to do that. IDEAS??

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