11. Play soccer – DONE!

Over the years I have enjoyed watching both my girls play soccer and have grown to love the game. Cheering from the sidelines it’s easy to call out advice and positioning (and support of course), but playing it is much harder.  I’m not sure what form this will take; if I will sign up on a team or if I’ll play casually, but either way I want to get out there and see what I| can do and hopefully do not injure myself in the process!
COMPLETED – Summer 2011
I joined a ladies community soccer league for the summer in Cochrane. It’s a team that has been playing together for several years called the RCL’s.  (Rubber Chicken Legs!)  Despite my lack of ever having ‘officially’ played on team before, I LOVED the exercise and competitiveness of the sport.  It was fun meeting all the girl and who knows….I may play again next year!
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