15. Meet/connect with Trista from the Bachelorette – UPDATED

Ok, this sounds VERY corny I know….but you honestly would not believe the number of people since Trista was on the Bachelorette 2003 that have told me that I look like her. I have gotten it literally hundreds of times while in Canada, USA and even when traveling in Europe and still get told it regularly. It’s funny, I even have people who think they’ve met me before because I look familiar to them and then they figure out that they in fact have not met me before but that I just look like Trista.  What are the odds that we are both married to fire fighters? Personally, I do not see the resemblance and think it is quite a compliment! So, this is where you come in….how are we going to make it happen???

March 14, 2015 – I sent a message to Trista on her face book telling her about my 50 before 50 list…. We’ll see if we can connect!

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