22. Make scrap book of Brieanne and I in Europe – IN PROGRESS

In the summer of 2005, Brieanne and I travelled through Europe for 3 weeks.  We stayed in tiny villages and ate pizza and gelato on the beaches of Italy, signed our names at the top of a mountain in Austria, enjoyed a fondue in Switzerland, visited castles and toured the Romantic Road.  We also had our fair share of adventures like missing buses and trains ! It was also wonderful to visit the school I attend in Germany where years later Brieanne attended also.  We met some wonderful people during our travels and have fond memories of our trip together.  I am not scrapbooker, but for Brieanne I have always wanted to scrapbook our trip so she can always remember our trip together.

At this point, I have gone through all the photos from our trip and have selected several that walk us through our four countries, three week summer backpacking adventure. Next step, get copies made

January 2015 – We finally started it! We now have all the pictures printed and ready to go. We are going to try to work on it at least once a month until we get it done! Lots of fun reminiscing and good for Aleia to see all the pictures and get excited about her trip this summer.

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  1. brobin says:

    Lets set a date for this, because I want to scrap book my traveling in Europe as well!

  2. brobin says:

    my scheduale is very open as you are the busy one, so how about you just give me a date =)

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