20. New York City – DONE!

NYCI already have many travel items on my list and would love to add so many more, but then I’d be broke and have no clients left from travelling all around the world!  However, New York is a place that everyone tells me is “must see”, even if you are not a shopper like me. Having so many friends that love it there and in light 911 and my desire to visit ground zero I am looking forward to exploring all it has to offer!

We flew out April 1 to NY City!  It was a full 3 1/2 days of walking, site seeing, eating and drinking. We saw and did all the top things on our list, given the short time. Rented a tandem bike in central park, toured Harlem, visited Eataly, saw all the sites, took some great advice for great Italian and French restaurants. We stayed at the Omni Berkshire, which was a perfect location. Lots more to do for next time. Great romantic and fun get-away!

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