24. Homemade Pasta Dinner Party – DONE!

My old time friend Randy, took a pasta making course many years ago and since then, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying his melt-in-your-mouth pasta dishes (not often enough however! J).  So, Randy and I will be setting a menu for a dinner party which will require us to both spend the WHOLE day making pasta… This will not be a low carb nor low fat meal!  Watch for the menu and pictures to follow.  Any great pasta dish ideas we should consider?
Completed on The day begun early with my supplies assembled and my ipad propped up on the island, relying on utube videos (and eventually my friend Randy) to lead the way for the pasta making frenzy. As Alistair stood in amazement (or fear) wondering how I was going to pull this off, he asked the ‘what if question’… “What if it doesn’t turn out? What will you do for food for 20 guests?” With a smile on my face I assured him that if 20 of my closest friends were there and we had great Italian wine, it would be awesome no matter how things turned out!

With my gnocchi well on its way, my friend Randy arrived around noon with his pasta machine and secret lasagna recipe. As the afternoon moved along Alistair helped out where needed, including selecting our best Italian wines from the cellar and preparing our antipasto platter. Guests started arriving right on time – in full Italian mafia attire! We had a fun-filled night and yes, the food turned out wonderfully! Together we shared; Gnocchi with sage brown butter , veal stuffed ravioli with wild mushroom sauce and drizzled in truffle oil and melt in your mouth lasagna!

Thank you to my dear friend Randy, of almost 30 years, for jumping in to create a memory together for my 50 list!

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  1. Susan Ferner says:

    Count me in! I’ll bring some Italian wine.
    Susan xo

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