8. Have family photos taken – DONE!

The last family photo we had taken was when Aleia was 6 months old.  WOW – where does the time go! I am not sure if it will be a picture in the fall leaves or in a studio or exactly what we’ll end up with, but either way I hope we do it more than once over these next five years as we’re certainly not getting any younger and the girls both continue to change so much each year.

Completed April 2011; After12 years we finally did it!  We were thrilled to have Natalie Santano do our photos.  Thanks to my sister-in-law, we were SO lucky to get in to her since she is booked up several months in advance. We had lots of fun doing them, despite a little drizzling rain here and there.  Our next photos will NOT be 12 years from now.   http://nataliesantano.com/)

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5 Responses to 8. Have family photos taken – DONE!

  1. Carolyn says:

    Any suggestions on amazing photographers – that won’t break the bank?

  2. Shannon says:

    I have worked with ImageWorks Photography a few times and was very happy with them. Darren did our family photos & was even able to capture Tyler very well (which is no small feat with a young boy who’d rather make funny faces than pose for the camera 🙂 He creates a casual environment and then captures the moments vs staged studio shots….I particularly like his outdoor work. http://www.imageworksphotography.ca/
    Can’t wait to see your family photos.

  3. brobin says:

    You need to get on this mom!

  4. Shannon says:

    Hey me again with a couple new leads.
    One of my clients just had some awesome shots done locally and thought I’d pass on her deets. http://www.cassiescamera.com/
    Also, my friend Carin McCowan, is getting into the business. She took photos @ my 10 year party, check her out. http://www.smilingdragonflyphotography.com/

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