18. Go to Napa Valley – DONE!

Being the wine lover that I am I cannot believe that Napa Valley has not been a travel destination for me yet.  I’m a huge California wine fan and have only heard rave reviews about the both Napa and Sonoma.  Since adding this to my list many friends have offered to come on this trip. One idea was to take convertibles down the coast, others have suggested great restaurants and hotels…so whatever plans are made, I’m sure I will LOVE it.

Completed on May 2012; Five couples boarded a plane and headed wine tasting to Sonoma and Napa Valley, then off to San Fran to ride cable cars, go to a Giants game and explore the night life!

The wine was brilliant. We enjoyed a wide variety of wine experiences ranging from standing in a barn and speaking with the wine maker/owner about his love of wine (and wife), wine and food pairing, a day in a  Az Limo visiting places such as BV (where I bought Alistair a 1968 vintage wine to celebrate his 45th birthday – yum!), Ingelnook and Joseph Phelps to sipping wine at night in our B&B.

We won’t soon forget our experience from “In and Out Burger” – more out then in for some, our short-cut limo ride – more out burger again for some, Doce Luna’s outstanding food, Toronado Pub (wine in a box!?!?) and of course the game of Truth or Dare Loans-Payday.online lender.

This was a great trip with amazing friends and look forward to annual trips!

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3 Responses to 18. Go to Napa Valley – DONE!

  1. The Welshman says:

    Having been to the Napa Valley on numerous occassions I should be considered as your #1 candidate for the Tour Guide position.

  2. Carolyn says:

    As long as I am the #1 Taster!

  3. lmcfadden says:

    As recent as my trip to the Napa valley wineries was… mere months… some of the details remain hazy, which likely proves that this item definitely belongs on your list!!

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