5. Do a cleanse – DONE!

I just think this is a good thing to do. I’ve never done one, have friends that do it religiously, have often thought about it…so now is the time.   At the very least it will be good for my body and great discipline too.  Any recommendations as to which one I should try? One for my liver perhaps? LOL!

Completed on June 2014 ;

I did the 12 day Wildrose Cleanse. It involved taking 3 pills of each; Biliherb, Laxaherb, Cleansaherb and a series CL Herbal Extrac drops in water (very horrible I might add) at both breakfast and dinner. There was a list of recommended foot to eat and not to eat.  I was told many things about this cleanse – like how much weight I would lose, how healthy I would feel…, but in the end, despite being very strict with my pill in-take, food choices, etc., I lost maybe 2lbs and found myself in the washroom several times a day. My friend Linda asked why on earth I put this item on my list –she said it was one that she would put on her “50 things NOT to do before 50!” and I now agree canadian animal meds

It was an experience, but one that I will not do again anytime soon. On to tackle something more fun on my list.


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  1. brobin says:

    Cleanse, good idea!!
    I really want to do one, just don’t know if I have good enough self control, let me know what you find

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