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21. Gratitude letters – ONGONG

…and tell them what they mean to me! Gratitude. I am blessed to have such a large number of people in my life whose friendships I value. I am so excited to start the list on the back of my … Continue reading

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22. Make scrap book of Brieanne and I in Europe – IN PROGRESS

In the summer of 2005, Brieanne and I travelled through Europe for 3 weeks.  We stayed in tiny villages and ate pizza and gelato on the beaches of Italy, signed our names at the top of a mountain in Austria, … Continue reading

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23. Launch another company

About three years ago I had an idea to start another company based on my passion to empower women, but with building my current consulting practice and currently in an expansion phase of the business, I thought I would never … Continue reading

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24. Homemade Pasta Dinner Party – DONE!

My old time friend Randy, took a pasta making course many years ago and since then, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying his melt-in-your-mouth pasta dishes (not often enough however! J).  So, Randy and I will be setting a menu … Continue reading

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25. 30 days of Random Acts of Kindness

WOW – how much fun will this be!  A friend of mine suggested this task and I love it.  It will be a challenge because there are some days I don’t’ even leave my office.  Need your ideas!!! There is … Continue reading

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26. False eye lashes – DONE!

Completed on September 2013; Shannon and Lana joined me and ALL got a seat of falseys on. They were a bit longer then what I had envisioned – camel like in fact, but they were fun while they lasted! They … Continue reading

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27. Replace my china – DONE!

When we moved from our acreage we transitioned a number of items we did not use often (like my fine china) until we got our new home set up, with the intention of making room for everything eventually. Well, weeks … Continue reading

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28. Dine at the Eden in the Rimrock Hotel – DONE!

Eden is renowned for its delicately crafted French cuisine, influenced by fresh local ingredients. Eden has been honored for the tenth straight year with AAA / CAA 5-Diamond and “Best of Award of Excellence” Wine Spectator awards. This restaurant is … Continue reading

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29. Take a pastry class with my friend’s kids – DONE!

Completed on October 14, 2012; Together with my nephew, Spencer who loves cooking and baking, and along with 3 of my friends’ kids, we took a pastry class at the Cooking Company one Saturday. It was a great way to … Continue reading

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30. Have my husband take me on his favorite mountain hike

My husband has a passion for the outdoors. He’s grown up skiing, climbing and hiking in the mountains his whole life. We however have not done a lot of this as a couple, so I have asked him to pick … Continue reading

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