7. Backpack with Aleia in Europe – In progress – UPDATED

I am so VERY excited about this trip.  Recollection of doing a Europe trip with Brieanne in the summer between her grade 9 and 10th year brings back fond memories and I cannot wait to do it with Aleia in the summer of 2014.  I think we’ll visit some of the same places, such as the Neushanstien Castle, an opera in Verona and of course Venice, but other than that we’ll harness up our backpacks and with a train pass in hand see where the tracks take us!

The planning has begun! With the summer of 2014 fast approaching, we have started pulling out maps, searching the internet and exploring possibilities…. If you have ANY suggestions or ideas like Mommy and me dresses, please let us know! We are currently looking into traveling to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and to France!

January 2015

This trip was postponed from the summer of 2014 to this next summer. Aleia and I just booked a flat and the opera – Romeo & Juliet, in Verona, Italy. Just starting to make our plans! Any ideas, please share them with us!


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  1. brobin says:

    I’m soo jealous =(
    even though I have had my turn already

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