31. Closet overhaul – DONE!

Several years ago I had some girlfriends over, bribed them with homemade warm scones and tea to sit through a fashion show of ALL the clothes from my closet so that I could figure out what needed to stay and go from my wardrobe.  I think it was more fun for them then it was for me as they became bolder and bolder, especially when it came to my vintage clothing and their bursts of laughter, calling Alistair in to take photos. In my defense, at least I still fit into these clothes – many dating back to my early twenties. In the end it resulted in 4 large black garbage bags filled with clothes (that they were careful to double knot so I could not attempt to retrieve anything) that were given to goodwill. It is time again for such an undertaking. This is not small task.  My closest is smaller in size then last time I did this and is in desperate need of help.  Brieanne and Aleia will most certainly want to be part of it I expect so they can get their hands on coveted pieces of my wardrobe.

Completed: My dear friend and fashion goddess, Jody Simmer, patiently watched me go through almost my entire closest, trying on items of clothing until finally I had several large garbage bags filled with clothing that had to go… Thanks Jod!

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