27. Replace my china – DONE!

When we moved from our acreage we transitioned a number of items we did not use often (like my fine china) until we got our new home set up, with the intention of making room for everything eventually. Well, weeks went into months and so forth and I forgot my china was at the cabin.

In the meantime our cabin had most everything stolen from it and even in process of the insurance claim it never dawned on me, with so many other things missing,  that my china was also taken.  So now a few years later, china-less, I have decided to purchase a new set. I know it is not something I will use often, but I hope once I get it, I will use it more than I did in the past.


Completed; Like with most all my purchases, I walk into a store, like it and buy it. I don’t shop around, compare stores, agonize over colors, brands, etc. In this case it was even easier – it was on sale, it was neutral but elegant and Alistair and I agreed on it right away and I’ve already used it twice!

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