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11. Play soccer – DONE!


Over the years I have enjoyed watching both my girls play soccer and have grown to love the game. Cheering from the sidelines it’s easy to call out advice and positioning (and support of course), but playing it is much … Continue reading

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12. Make Grandma’s jelly buns


Oh sweet memories of my grandmother. She was one of those women who loved everyone and always made you feel like you were the most important person in the world. One of her gifts was her desire to spoil everyone … Continue reading

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13. Donate time or money once a month to a charity – ONGOING


I’ve always had a heart when it comes to supporting charities, being involved in different causes and encouraging others to do the same. Apart from the annual monthly contributions and the organizations that I’ve supported for years I want to … Continue reading

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14. Read the Bible – ongoing – UPDATED


Many of you might be surprised to see this on the list having grown up in a God fearing home and having attended bible school, but the truth is I don’ think I’ve ever read the entire bible through from … Continue reading

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15. Meet/connect with Trista from the Bachelorette – UPDATED


Ok, this sounds VERY corny I know….but you honestly would not believe the number of people since Trista was on the Bachelorette 2003 that have told me that I look like her. I have gotten it literally hundreds of times … Continue reading

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16. Trip to Vegas with Soccer Moms – DONE!


In all fairness, we did our first trial-run of this trip in Sept. 2010 and I paid for it for many weeks afterwards trying to catch up on my sleep!  There were just 4 of us that went and we … Continue reading

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17. Back handsprings – ONGOING


I’ve done back handsprings every year for as long as I can remember….first it was as a child in gymnastics and now it is standing on a trampoline for that extra spring in my legs. I am so happy I … Continue reading

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18. Go to Napa Valley – DONE!


Being the wine lover that I am I cannot believe that Napa Valley has not been a travel destination for me yet.  I’m a huge California wine fan and have only heard rave reviews about the both Napa and Sonoma.  … Continue reading

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19. Once-a-Year Mom & Daughter trip – Ongoing – UPDATED & ONGOING


Between work, soccer and social activities sometimes it feels like I never stop and enjoy my family. One of the fondest times I have with my girls is when I get to take them away, one-on-one for a weekend. There … Continue reading

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20. New York City – DONE!


I already have many travel items on my list and would love to add so many more, but then I’d be broke and have no clients left from travelling all around the world!  However, New York is a place that everyone … Continue reading

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