50 Things to Do before I’m 50!

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On my 45th birthday I began my adventure of “50 things to do before I’m 50”.  I got the idea from a friend, who recently did it, but she did all her 50 things in one year – so I will have no excuses if I do not get my list completed in these next five years.

As I prepared my list, it reminded me of how many wonderful things I have experienced in my life and how much I have to be thankful for.

My life is blessed because I am surrounded by wonderful, caring and loving people – my husband and two daughters, my family and all the amazing friends that I cherish and feel so fortunate to have in my life.

I’ve lived abundantly through travel to several countries and have experienced hiking in the Austrian and Swiss Alps, riding a gondola in Venice and seeing an opera in a coliseum in Italy, the northern lights on the Arctic tundra, swimming with stingrays in the Caribbean, sailing in the Baja, visiting the Acropolis in Athens and the Sagrada La Familia in Barcelona, wine at harvest time in the south of France, the Royal Mile in Edinburgh and along with these are many other countless memories I treasure.

I have also sat at the bedside of a dying friend and experienced great sadness and loss. Walked with friends and family through times and heartache and have also had the privilege of taking part in celebrating happiness and incredible miracles – my own included.

I understand how precious life is and how little time we have and I believe that if we don’t “go confidently in the direction of our dreams” that life will pass by all too quickly.

So this is my invitation asking you to journey with me for these next five years by engaging in some of my ventures, encouraging me along the way, giving me feedback and new ideas and challenging and supporting me as I move closer towards my 50th year.

I purposefully have not completed my list of 50 things so please help me by inspiring me to explore new ideas and possibilities along the way. I can’t wait to update my blog and share my pictures and experiences with you.

I look forward to having you journey with me on this adventure!

Love Carolyn

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